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Monday, March 29, 2010


Have you ever heard a competitor say, “I’m glad to have lost that game!” rather than being excited to have won? What would you think if an “I tried hard and almost won the last game” cup were awarded to the second place team rather than crowning a national champion at the end of a season? We tend to reach for the top rather than being content to simply stand on sidelines of success.

If we admire success, why do we accept “average” within our schools, our workplaces, and, at times, our own lives? Why do we accept “good enough” rather than striving for the best that can be? Why do we seek to reward all individuals equally rather than acknowledging that some are just “more equal” than others?

While one may focus on a goal and work hard without ever winning the ultimate prize (just ask the 64 teams that will not emerge victorious from the NCAA tournament), greatness is earned (it is rarely simply given) when one focuses intently upon the goal, fully develops the abilities they have been given then works relentlessly to become a champion (ask the team that ultimately wins the title).