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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our nation faces the potential for unprecedented political change during the coming year. Regardless of the actions taken by those currently holding office – be they good or bad – a groundswell of emotion is sweeping the country crying out in a voice that demands “out with the old – in with the new!” In our rush to change, however, I fear much may be lost in the process.

Many candidates are relying on the platform of “replacement” to carry them through rather than one of solutions and substance. Change, promised several years ago, is coming to fruition – but not as anticipated. Healthcare reform, while necessary, may have moved in too quick (and costly) a way to gain support. A shift in military priorities from Iraq to Afghanistan – along with the replacement of our military leadership in that effort – has not reduced the price paid as we promote freedom in the world. The BP Oil Spill has replaced Hurricane Katrina as this Administration’s crisis point – yet those needing assistance are receiving little more than was provided to Hurricane survivors. While we need change in actions, electing individuals who demonstrate personal responsibility and integrity may be an important (and necessary) precursor to change.

Listen to the candidates before casting your vote this summer. As you vote for new leadership in the fall, listen to the substance of each candidate’s campaign. Do they take accountability for what has been done in the past or simply blame others for “breaking” what they intend to fix? Do they accept responsibility for making things happen in the future or are they riding the wave of change – promising “different” without defining what that might be? In order to forge lasting change, YOU must help to make a difference by voting for candidates that actively seek the truth within each promise they make and listen to the people they will represent rather than to their affiliated party.

Change is inevitable but only controlled change can be by design. Help to make change anticipated and sustainable by getting the facts before you act – then by voting with your head rather than your emotions!