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TEA is in the business of helping people. This blog is intended to address human issues, concerns and the things that impact people - be they self-perpetuated or externally imposed. Feel free to respond to the thoughts presented here, for without each other, we are nothing!

Friday, July 2, 2010


The Fourth of July…Independence Day…is once again upon us. We should pause to consider the leap of faith that others made to establish this country AND the sacrifice that our fellow Americans continue to make to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

Founded on the belief that an individual has the fundamental right of freedom, our country (and the concept of Democracy) has changed much over time. We have seen the rise (and fall) of many governments during our nation’s relatively short lifetime, yet our flag – and all it stands for – still waves proudly above us.

Many complain about our Government, its policies, and its practices – yet we are the only nation in the world to allow such open and honest dissent, objection and discussion. Rally behind the flag and all it stands for!

We recognize the poverty, oppression and lack of freedom that others experience and seek to offer equality to those held captive by an unequal world. Rally behind the flag and all it stands for!

We offer the lives of our sons, daughters, families and friends to preserve our way of life – a burden they readily assume as but a small price for maintaining the freedoms we enjoy. Rally behind the flag and all it stands for!

This year, let us put aside partisan politics, self-serving opinions, and criticism of individual leaders doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. Let us celebrate the greatness that our country has achieved rather than pointing out the flaws, faults and inadequacies of others. Let us foster and encourage our continued growth and prosperity rather than waiting for the world to catch up.

This Fourth of July, let us honor the memories of those that came before us whose sacrifice provides us the opportunity to bring our dreams to fruition and the possibility to build a future for those that will follow.