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Monday, August 9, 2010


Why are some people invigorated by a seemingly insurmountable task while others seem paralyzed by the same situation? Some see the opportunity to make progress towards the completion of a project while others shut down unless they see an immediate conclusion well within their reach. Other than the obvious propensity towards taking risks, I would venture that there is one underlying characteristic differentiating the two attitudes – the ability to question “why not?” before acting rather than needing to understand “why” before formulating a plan.

“If only…” will never define “what is…” When we trap ourselves within the world of excuses by asking what might have happened “if only” we had acted differently, we lose sight of reality. Dwelling upon things NOT accomplished will never initiate change – it only reinforces your limitations (rather than celebrating your abilities).

Some individuals act in accordance with established policy, practice or procedure whether or not that may be the best way to do something. Others constantly question what they are asked to do as a means to test and temper the validity of an action prior to its being taken. What good does it do to advance an idea that does not make a difference when implemented – or to act without benefiting either yourself or another? One will never experience their full potential by seeking comfort within a world defined by other’s expectations.

As the sands of time fall to the bottom of summer’s hourglass, focus upon the things you have experienced rather than the things that “COULD have been accomplished IF ONLY you had not run out of time.” Somehow, building from a foundation of “what is” seems much more relevant to life than hiding behind “What could have been” or “Why try.”