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TEA is in the business of helping people. This blog is intended to address human issues, concerns and the things that impact people - be they self-perpetuated or externally imposed. Feel free to respond to the thoughts presented here, for without each other, we are nothing!

Monday, January 3, 2011


If I were to make a New Year's Resolution this year it would be to "be the wind beneath another's wings" whenever possible - lifting others to their own new heights rather than pulling them along towards my new horizons.

Other thoughts for a successful New Year...

Avoid the complacency of status quo. Even if it might be easier and result in acceptable conclusions, we live in a world where “keeping pace” equates to being left behind.

Clearly define your personal and professional goals. Do not keep them secret - share them with a friend to establish accountability and help assure their accomplishment.

Assume that success is a foregone conclusion. Merely thinking something might be accomplished allows doubt to enter your mind. Knowing that it will be done, even if unanticipated issues arise, allows us to focus more on the “ends” than the “means.”

Never forget that the only wrong action is inaction…the only poor decision is one that is never made.

Replicate the positive actions that “made a difference” last year. Dwell upon your failures just long enough to understand what went wrong so you can avoid repeating them.

Be the wind beneath another's wings during 2011 - lifting someone to new heights through your intentional, unacknowledged actions. Help another succeed, possibly allowing them to take the credit that arguably could have been given to you.

Accomplish great things this year - through selfless acts of kindness and intentional acts of quiet strength.