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Thursday, April 29, 2010


We often hear the phrase "draw a line in the sand" in regards to putting one thought or course of action to rest before moving on to another. The drawing of such a line, however, tends to emphasize the end of something old as much (if not more) than the beginning of something new.

In an ideal world of "what if" (rather than our reality of "what is") I'd prefer to think that drawing a line in the sand signals the beginning of something new, different and challenging - being the springboard towards a reality that exists but within your imagination - rather than as the end of something negative. The craftsmen shown in this vacation photograph are clearly drawing lines in the sand to transform a vision that could only be imagined into a reality for the rest of us to experience.

The next time YOU decide to draw a line in the sand, think more about where you are going...about what new reality can be experienced because of the actions you take...than where you've been or what you'd prefer not to repeat. The future is made up of dreams becoming reality, not of actions taken to avoid negative consequences.