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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Some people sleep without dreaming and awaken rested. Others dream while sleeping and awaken inspired. We must dream what we wish to accomplish before we can expect anything to happen. What kind of life could be based on the premise that what “is” will never change – that bringing the beliefs, values, ideals and accomplishments of several together would serve only to advance each individually rather than collectively enhance the group’s abilities?

People have said that setting low expectations will keep you from ever being disappointed. If we set no expectations – fearing the pain of failure more than anticipating the rewards of success – we may survive but will rarely thrive. We de-energize our relationships when we focus upon shortcomings or why something failed. Rather, we should use failure as a springboard towards implementing a solution. Believing that the “light at the end of a tunnel” is actually an opportunity not yet realized rather than a train heading towards us on a collision course reflects the assimilation of dreams into daily reality.

Destiny is a result of how effectively we balance our dreams with our abilities as we travel an unfamiliar path paved with not-yet-realized thoughts and ideas. Sadly, truth can often keep us from accomplishing our dreams. Far too often we allow our present reality – the knowledge we have about the world in which we live – to stop us from trying new things and entering into situations.

Accepting that our own (or another individual’s) weaknesses are insurmountable results in our believing failure is a probability. If, however, we merely acknowledge deficiencies as bumps in the road, relentlessly moving forward as we seek to accomplish our dreams, we will invariably find a way to make things happen. Destiny becomes reality only when we truly believe that “the things dreamed of” can become as much “probability” as they are “possibility” – when they become the things we anticipate and expect rather than simply things held tightly within the privacy of our individual hearts.