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Friday, August 12, 2011


Have you ever met someone who sets a course in life based on how many others are doing the same thing? Rather than identifying problems, investigating their root cause and acting to resolve them they tend to take the path of least resistance and “go where others are going” or focus on the “wrongs” of others so their questionable actions seem much more “right.”

The travesty in life is that far too many people diminish their potential by following the crowd. They do what is popular rather than standing strong on their own values, judgments and decisions. They choose acceptance by the majority rather than the criticism that standing alone often brings. They accept the stagnation of “what is” rather than seeking the opportunities of “what could be.” Their mantra might be “I am no different than anyone else” rather than “I am a unique individual whose potential is limited only by my own actions and behaviors.”

Following the crowd is easy – you do what others accept, go where others are going, act as others act and find a sense of community by blending in. Only when one recognizes and acknowledges that much can come from seeking a different reality than that chosen by the crowd will he or she begin to realize that loss can become gain, failure can breed success, and the decision to stop can either be an end OR the impetus to move ahead. Followers of a crowd tend to accept the group’s vision as a final destination. Individuals having confidence in themselves envision a future built upon the foundation of their dreams.

Had Fulton listened to “common wisdom” would he ever have invented the steam engine? Would the Wright brothers launched their dreams into the air had “the crowd” determined the way? Is our nation stronger and more stable because our leaders make decisions based on polls that measure what the majority think they should do – taking the more acceptable route rather than seeking potentially unpopular counsel? Might we be in a better place if our leaders simply acted to bring the promises made to the people that elected them to fruition?

What might YOU be able to accomplish – what potential might you be able to realize – if you “marched to your own drummer” rather than listening to the tunes sung by others? Make the most of your individuality in whatever you may say or do – for while many people try to be something or someone they are not, there is only one you in the world.