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Friday, October 14, 2011


Were we to live in an ideal world, everyone would focus more on new beginnings than on conclusions or endings. “Drawing a line in the sand” would define more our intent to move forward than to keeping us from stepping back – to establish that we are initiating a new path or direction rather than highlighting where we would prefer to leave. Far too often, however, people think that closing one chapter as more important than opening the next – that finding closure is somehow more critical than initiating change. I would disagree, preferring to think that drawing a line in the sand should serve as a springboard that launches you into the not-yet realized reality existing deeply within your imagination.

We should reflect upon the past, embrace the present, seek to clearly differentiate our dreams and/or goals, then (and only then) act intentionally to bring them to fruition as we make and (seek to make) a difference. Rather than artificially ending each activity before starting another, allow each day’s sunset to bring closure to life so that morning might offer a fresh new beginning. Far too many good-intentioned individuals stagnate just across their line in the sand because they were more concerned with enacting change than they were with charting a new path and moving forward in a new direction.

The next time you draw a line in the sand, think about the new realities that will be established through the actions you will be taking rather than focusing upon what will no longer be done because you stopped performing or acting. We build the future upon dreams that become reality – not on the actions taken to avoid negative consequences. Refuse to live in a world of “what is” and you just might find yourself firmly rooted in “what if” or “what could be.”

What intentional acts have you taken lately to initiate change? Were you successful in moving forward towards the unknown or were your more motivated by a fear of falling back? Were you more hesitant to let go of “what is” than you were excited to reach out for “what could be? Draw your line, step over it, then move steadfastly ahead – refusing to limit your potential by focusing upon what you wish to leave behind – and you will become a major part of the solution rather than an insignificant portion of the problem.