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Friday, May 25, 2012


There are those who see the ocean, feel its strength; sense its power, long for its depth – without considering that its essence is but water having no substance and holding no form until contained.

There are those who see a forest, feel its quiet depths and long for its seclusion – without considering that it is but a group of branches reaching upwards – heartless living objects unable provide comfort.

There are those who experience the wind, sense its movement and long to join in its journey – without acknowledging that though the wind can be measured, it cannot be seen nor held in your hand.

There are those that show sadness at the passing of seasons – not because of what they were unable to accomplish but rather for the realization that time passed will never again be.

There are those that envy a bird in flight – not because of their inability to fly but rather the freedom available to a soaring bird within the limitless horizon is out of our individual reach.

They are intrigued by a coming storm – not fearing its destructive nature but rather seeking examples of the power that cannot be contained.

Until we acknowledge that life is more than one’s own accomplishments – more than a listing of individual actions focused upon a common goal or objective – we may never experience the strength of an ocean. The comfort of a forest may remain a mystery. The power of the wind may be captured as an energy source but its essence will elude us. The flight of a bird will be but an exit from here to there rather than as an escape to not yet discovered opportunities.

We must realize that our infinite dreams are the result of our finite experiences –that without fully experiencing life we may not have dreams that we can hope to fulfill. It has been said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” yet perhaps more terrible is the number of minds that do not establish goals nor engage in their accomplishment.

Take time to experience the world around you as you enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Dwell not upon what has been lost through the passing of time, focusing instead on what has yet to be realized – upon what we have (or may yet receive) because of another’s sacrifice. Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take. The true measure of life is how many experiences we can find - can live - that will take our breath away.