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Friday, November 2, 2012


Truth is all that surrounds us – the undeniability of nature. Truth is not merely in thinking – it is in knowing. It is not simply in feeling – it is in believing. Truth is the culmination of all things that have happened, the precursor of all things to come. Truth is not a question – it is the answer. It is not the singer – it is the song. Truth cannot be fully defined – it can only be realized. It cannot be described in any way other than how it makes you feel. Truth is in knowing - not in fearing.  Truth is in understanding - not in questioning. Truth is a touch…a voice…a presence experienced when two are immersed within their special world. Truth is what remains within them when they are apart. It is not the sunrise - it is the feeling shared as the sun comes over their horizon. Truth is not an explanation of the known but rather a faith in the unknown. If you achieve wisdom during your search for truth – learn how to apply all that you learn to benefit those around you – then you will also have found Truth. If it is truth you seek, you must ultimately abandon wisdom so that you can experience the irrational reality of truth.

Beauty is the new life a sunrise can bring – the carefree flight of a butterfly. It is the light touch of the clouds – the meeting of the sky’s blue with the sea’s green – yet it is so much more than that. Beauty is the depth of a Lover’s eyes as they gaze into the innermost recesses of another’s mind…it is the gentleness of a Lover’s touch as it caresses another…it is the radiance of a smile as gazes meet. Beauty is the way that life awakens to love’s presence. It is not “of this world” as you might think – it is what brings life to this world. Beauty fills one’s world with another’s essence by spilling freely over any boundaries that might have been built to contain it. Beauty is not a thing but a presence – not something to be held but something in which to be immersed.

Peace is the warmth that Love provides. It is the comfort of a shared touch. It is the taste of a kiss – the intimate warmth generated when two souls become one. Peace is not the thought of time spent together when lovers are apart, but rather the thoughts invested on making the most of time spent together – the shelter provided by an embrace that shuts out the rest of the world. Peace is a smile, a laugh, a presence – the result of every moment two might spend entwined as one. Peace is more sacred than anything that might be held for it can be but felt and experienced. It cannot be described or defined by mere words for it is the result of all things imagined.

Should you find Beauty, realize Truth, and discover the Peace that love provides whenever you are near someone, you will speak openly of it. You will dream of it endlessly, thinking of nothing else. Do not be alarmed should your search take you in circles and lead you astray. It is but the few – the fortunate – whom find such things in life, for rarely can one fill his or her soul completely with the love of another. Should the opportunity for Love present itself, grasp at its presence. Reach out and hold tightly at the chance to love – for it is far better to have loved and lost – to have experienced the completeness that only Love provides – than to have never loved at all. Recognize that love gives purpose to Beauty, provides Peace and becomes Truth – in ways that could never be understood by those holding tightly to conventional Wisdom – for it truly exists only within the depths of a fully surrendered soul.