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Monday, March 16, 2015


Finding purpose – without actively seeking it – is like finding a perfection beyond all expectations.  Our abilities flow freely, far too powerfully to be contained.  Life becomes abundant and free – our results far exceeding the effort producing them.  While we do what we like, our labor becomes a path to be enjoyed – the destination but the logical conclusion of the choices we gladly make.  When we do what we want, the rewards far exceed what we invest, and all seems good in the world.  Living becomes but a chapter within a never-ending story – having no clear-cut beginning nor a definitive end, only the continuous expectation of good things to come.  Finding joy in what we do and with whom we choose to live – and happiness in what we have rather than what misery because of what we are lacking – allows us to live life as it is rather than wishing for what could have been – or for what has yet to be. 

·         “Being” far outweighs “doing,” and the contributions we make towards the growth of others provides us more satisfaction than does advancing ourselves
·         We truly care more about the good that can be done than about who receives credit for doing it
·         We love what we do and are allowed to do what we love in a way that lifts others while fulfilling ourselves.

It is then that we know we should stay – for who could replace us should we go?

·         The promise of tomorrow become lost within the realities of today – realities rooted in (rather
            than built upon) our memories of the past
·         Our efforts become pain rather than pleasure – our destination becoming the driver making us lose site of the joy in our journey
·         All that we love in what we do become but things we do to accomplish what must be done
·         Our dreams become a flame that has lost its brilliance as it slowly dies to but a flicker or the path from which the fog was cleared be returned to its murky darkness
·         The hope that seemed so real for a season fade to but a wish for what might have been as our contributions become shadows passing quietly through the night
·         The certainty relied upon for strength and comfort become but an abandoned dwelling within the sheltered corners of a shattered mind
·         We seek more from life than we are willing to invest – wanting more from others than we are willing to give of ourselves. 

·         You no longer find strength in your Dreams (for you have grown far too conscious of the limitations of your reality)
·         You no longer bask in the warmth of simply being (the need for external praise exceeding your own internal confidence)
·         What you know and are able to accomplish creates a barrier restricting the ability of others to exhibit their knowledge or minimizes their accomplishment
·         All that keeps you going is the fear of your alternatives rather than your ability to make a difference. 

Perhaps then comes the time that we should go – time to move on – letting go of what has not yet become.  It is then that we know we should go – for what might we inhibit or who might we impair should we stay? 
May we have the health and ability to stay as long as we are able to contribute – and the graciousness to go without dragging others down as we leave (or disrupt them should we stay).  In staying or in going…
·         It is the lucky ones who staked a claim to life that were able to embrace the world as their own reality
·         It is the fortunate ones who defined their dreams clearly, allowing nothing to interfere with their sense of purpose
·         It is the meaningful ones who have realized their hopes, accomplished their goals and given more to those around them than they could ever give themselves
·         It is the insightful ones who act intentionally in all they do rather than allowing destiny to choose their mate, guide their career or determine the way in which they will contribute to those around them or control their real. 

In whatever we do, may we stay as long as we can contribute – and walk away with our heads held high knowing (and acknowledging) all we accomplished should we choose to go.  When we choose to stay (or to go), may we know when to live life as it should be by living life as it is – and have the wisdom to know the difference – so we might know when it is time for us to stay (or it becomes time for us to go).